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econ-journal22 - economy it will increase investment which...

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Duc Hoang Journal - Fiscal policy – 11/4 Although a fiscal policy does achieve in helping the economy for a short period of time by affecting the elements of aggregate demand namely investment and consumption it does have several problems that hold back its effectiveness. On the one hand by decreasing taxation and increasing government spending, the fiscal policy will probably achieve in increasing aggregate demand. This will happen since the decrease in taxation will increase people’s disposable depending on the marginal propensity to consume the domestic consumption of an economy which in turn will increase aggregate demand. Similarly the government by increasing spending in all sectors of its
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Unformatted text preview: economy it will increase investment which in turn may lead to an increase in aggregate demand. This is an effective way to combat economic problems such as unemployment and recession. On the other hand if a government wants to eliminate recession it will have to pursue a contractionary demand side policy. This policy will increase taxation thus decreasing the citizen’s disposable income thus in turn reducing consumption which will reduce aggregate demand which will in turn reduce inflation. On the other hand it will decrease government spending thus decreasing investment which will again reduce aggregate demand and thus in turn reduce inflation....
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