econ-journal38 - 38.8 Economists surveyed by MarketWatch...

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Duc Hoang – Econ210 Journals Date Nov 25, 2008 U.S. consumer confidence rises on lower gas prices  By  Ruth Mantell , MarketWatch WASHINGTON   (MarketWatch)   -   While   falling   gas   prices   perked   up   consumers   in  November, concern has grown over the current jobs market, according to the monthly  Conference Board index, which reported Tuesday that confidence rose from a record  low in October. Back to the private market where it is easy to realize the change product supply and  demand due to the change in market price. The gas price has been falling down to the  most surprising rate ever in recent 5 years.  The November consumer confidence index  rose to 44.9 - still a relatively low result -- from an upwardly revised October reading of 
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Unformatted text preview: 38.8. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch had expected a November reading of 39. In November 2007, the confidence index stood at 87.8. However, in housing market, spending plans among American families have been crippled by plummeting housing prices. There was more bad news on this front, with the Case-Shiller home price index showing that home prices in 20 major U.S. cities in September had fallen a record 17.4% from the previous year. Phoenix has had the largest decline, down 31.9%. This drop frighten consumers as their house’s value is lowering, and they tend to save more, thus decreasing their spending....
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econ-journal38 - 38.8 Economists surveyed by MarketWatch...

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