econ-Journal40 - see house values start to come back up and...

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Duc Hoang- ECON210 Journal Journal Date 12/5 Fixing the housing market By  Amy Hoak , MarketWatch MarketWatch  - High inventory is killing home builders, and the industry asks for  help President Obama’s “Fix Housing First” proposal supported by National Association of  Home Builders is giving all home buyers a tax credit that they don't have to pay back,  having the government buy down mortgage interest rates and continuing foreclosure  prevention efforts to keep people in their homes. "This would stimulate people to come  and take homes already in inventory off the market," said Jerry Howard, president and  chief executive officer of the NAHB. If the stimulus proposals are put into place, "we will 
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Unformatted text preview: see house values start to come back up and see an increase in home building toward the end of next year," he said. This proposal might have perfect positive impact on housing market only when “all else equals”. Consumer confidence is a very important factor affecting almost every market. People still believe that a home they buy today will depreciate tomorrow. And they will think twice about buying a home if they’re worried about losing your job. Again, we see the connection between economics principles....
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econ-Journal40 - see house values start to come back up and...

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