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Stat 100, Spring 2011 Assignment 1 Note: Most of the questions below need no more than a sentence or two for an answer. 1. Do a web search on “web poll”. a. Remark on what sites predominate. Does it seem easy to gather data? In Google, most of the things that come up in the first few pages are sites with tools that help you to create a web poll for free. It does seem easy to do this. b. Do these sites require that you have a well-constructed research plan in order to use them? You do not need any research plan. (You can type in any question and post the poll on any website.) 2. Do a web search on "Survey of Young Canadians". The first result should be from a StatCan site. Click on this site and read about this government survey a. Why do you think they doing this survey? The description from the website includes many possible reasons. ( They need just a sentence or two, really. If they quote text without indicating that it is a quote, please note on their page: “Cite your source for quote” ) “The Survey of Young Canadians provides nationally representative indicators on child development. The objectives of the Survey of Young Canadians are: - To determine the prevalence of various risk and protective factors for children. - To provide information on child development (such as cognitive, emotional and behavioural development). - To make this information available for developing policies and programs that will help children. - To collect information about the environment in which the child is growing up-- family, peers, school, and community.” b. Do they clearly define a population? Explain.
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Assignment_1_soln - Stat100,Spring2011 Assignment 1 Note...

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