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Sheet1 Page 1 ----------------------- Page 1----------------------- The Tree of Life Eukaryotic Diversity Study Guide â& ¢ This is an outline of some of the major concepts and topics you need to know about. â& ¢ This is NOT an exhaustive list but merely a guide to many of the major concepts. â& ¢ Most of this material is covered in Lectures 10-11. Bacteria and archaea vs eukaryotes o Describe some of the major distinctions o Understand examples from class â& ¢ Eukaryotic diversity o Diversity of form ï/ § Give some examples o Diversity of function ï/ § Give some examples o Trophy±Nutrition ï/ § Understand in the context of eukaryotic groups o Phylogenetic diversity ï/ § Major groups ï/ § Know how the smaller groups (e.g., Apicomplexans, Chlorophytes) map to the larger groupings. ï/ § Know some synapomorphies of each group.
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