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Sheet1 Page 1 ----------------------- Page 1----------------------- The Tree of Life and Bacterial and Archaeal Diversity and Lateral Gene Transfer Study Guide (Lectures 6-10a) â& ¢ This is an outline of some of the major concepts and topics you need to know about. â& ¢ This is NOT an exhaustive list but merely a guide to most of the major concepts. â& ¢ Most of this material was covered in Lectures 6-10. â& ¢ Number of origins of life and how many trees of life are there? â& ¢ Universal homologies o Examples o What they mean for the tree of life o Why these cannot be used to infer branching patterns â& ¢ rRNA and the tree of life o How a universal gene can be used to infer phylogeny o Three domain tree of life o Rooted tree of life o Differences and similarities between each of the major domains o Features unique to and widespread in each group
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