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Psych 100 Midterm Practice Exam Page 1 1. Dr. Carter conducts an experiment on the effect of daily vitamin intake on adults' energy level. The daily vitamin intake is the ______ variable in this experiment. A) dependent B) confounding C) random D) independent 2. Professor Ross is passing the following objects around the room: a feather, a steel ball, a peach, and a square piece of sandpaper. He asks his students to concentrate on and describe the intensity and clarity of the images and sensations that they receive from handling each object. Professor Ross' students are about to engage in A) subliminal perception. B) observational learning. C) self-actualization. D) introspection. 3. Norwin wants to find out whether or not chewing gum causes students to remember more information. He talks to a research consultant who tells Norwin that he should use the ______ method to answer his question. A) survey B) case study C) experimental D) naturalistic observation 4. Dr. Fredz's believes that watching violence on TV causes children to be more aggressive on the playground. He has two equal groups of children. Group A watches a funny, non-violent cartoon and Group B watches a funny, violent cartoon. Then Dr. Fredz observes the children on the playground and records the number of aggressive moves each child makes. To avoid having a problem with his data, Dr. Fredz should use a ______ research design. A) simple two-group B) complex two-group C) double-blind D) correlational 5. Dr. Silver is interested in studying the emotional experiences of people who suffer a severe spinal cord injury. She studies one patient by following him through his daily life for six weeks, recording his behaviors, talking to his peers, and asking him questions about his emotions. Which of the following methods of data collection has Dr. Silver used? A) case study B) experiment C) naturalistic observation D) survey 6. Ms. Hee is picking students to represent her school in the “Math Bowl”, a contest to see who can get the most math questions correct in one session. Based on the data from their past math tests, Ms. Hee should pick which of the following students to participate in the Math Bowl? A) Albert, Mean=75, Median= 75, Mode=75 C) Clyde, Mean=77, Median=65, Mode=77 B) Bonnie, Mean=75, Median=70, Mode=80 D) Doris, Mean=77, Median=72, Mode=72 7. Martina conducts research with prisoners to determine if rewarding them for appropriate behavior will be more effective than punishing them for inappropriate behavior. In this example, Martina is using a(n) ______ approach in her research. A) behavioral B) cognitive C) evolutionary D) humanistic 8. Jane has a phobia of public speaking. To help her overcome her phobia, she decided to consult a ______ psychologist. A)
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Psych Midterm practice test - Psych 100 1 Midterm Practice...

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