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Lecture 1-21 - maxvalue the variable maxvalue won't have a...

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1/21/11 MIDTERM -chapter 2,3,4,5 The test will ask about what these built-in matlab functions do. The homework will prepare you for the midterm- this means that we should learn what each command the hw wants us to do. FlowControlII The number of times the for loop runs depends on the number of elements in the vector. Length command determines how many elements are there in the command isPrime looks for all primes number Finding the maximum of the vector There's one complication: when we try and compare the 1st element of the VECTOR to
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Unformatted text preview: maxvalue, the variable maxvalue won't have a value yet and we'll thus get an error message • Nested loops – putting loops (for or while) inside of each other • In the While Loop, we have to set an initialization o In the computations, I must make some changes to the expression that will eventually make the loop be FALSE and stop • Hit Ctrl – C to get out of infinite loops • HW #3 – see page 101 in matlab book • *Skipped a Few during lecture (look back at it later) • Animation Example I •...
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