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Lecture 1-24 - • Encapsulation in the concept of putting...

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Concept: Procedural Abstraction Procedural abstraction permits a code block that solves a particular sub-problem to be packaged and applied to different data inputs. “Supplying some parameters to the function, and it returns a value” Ex going to safeway to get foood, stop on the way to by some stuff, and go here and buy some stuff: OR Im going to do some ERRANDS. – By saying that it’s just errands, and create a code that solves very similar problems to this. Concept: Encapsulation
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Unformatted text preview: • Encapsulation in the concept of putting a wrapper around a collection that you wish to protect from outside influence. Functions encapsulate the code they contain in two ways: o The variable declared within the functions are not visible from elsewhere, o and the function’s ability to change the values of variables (otherwise known as causing side effects) is restricted to its own body. Function as a Black Box • P112 Functions Scope of Variables -...
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