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Lecture 1-26 - • Piece wise Interpolations o Piece-wise...

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Interpolation and Curve Fitting (Lesson 6) Say you want to estimate values in between your measure data points o To do this in MATLAB, you use interpolation, those methods that draw lines or curves between measured (or observed) points so that you can estimate intermediate values. o Some things are hard or even impossible to measure, this is when interpolation comes We cannot just Interpolate with an nth order polynomial o For N data point, you will ALWAYS find a 1 st degree polynomial. o Interpolation polynomial goes through all data points
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Unformatted text preview: • Piece wise Interpolations o Piece-wise linear: Connect each data point by a straight line Simplest interpolation method Involves drawing a line between each consuqutive measure data point • Interp1( blah); - straight line • Interp2( quadratice) interp os 1 o Piece-wise cubic: Goes through data points and has continuous first and second derivative from piece to piece. • Temperature Cast sudy o See example in biij-k 1/28/11 – PLOTTING (ignore the 3D stuff)...
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