Lecture 2-02 - Format is a string containing “ converasion

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Ability to understand matlab command Best way to study is keep using matlab Cont. Matlab Implementation of Casting Look at the table near the end of a chapter. Hw 4: when plotting: x-axis is a log scale (1, 10, 100, 1000, etc) The graph starts high, droops low, and goes back up like a W or U Part 2: when graphing, the object is to take an interval of the original and blow it up FIX A CUBIC MATLAB COMMAND TO THIS PLOT Then find the minimum frequency that we can hear. (its on the interval) Interger>> strings Number >> string Disp o Disp(…): gives some control over how the value will be displayed, but often not enough. It is also pretty tiresome to have to explicitly convert a numer to a character string Fprintf o Fprintf(format, A); causes the value(s) in the variable A to appear in the command window according to the format.
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Unformatted text preview: Format is a string containing “ converasion specifications”,and/or labeling characters, and/or non-prinnt excape characters such as new line (\n) or tab (\t). Example • Fprintf(‘ pi to 3 decimals is %5.3f\n’, pi); • Produces the value of pi to 3 decimal places in the command window • 3.142 • The conversion specification here is %5.3f which is used to convert the numerical value of pi into characters (like num2str) but specifically asking for a minimum total number of characters (called the field width) of 5, with 3 pleaces to the right of the decimal. \n and >> • X= 3; y = 4.3; • Fprintf(‘%5d’,x); • Fprintf(‘%5.3f’,y); • Produces • 34.300>> • Just as if I had use Lecture 2/04: Imput and Output files...
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Lecture 2-02 - Format is a string containing “ converasion

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