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4a. Depending on what I failed, my reaction is a bit different. Generally, I always become motivated by my failures, since my gut tells me that I will eventually accomplish it. In some extreme cases, however, getting back up comes a bit slower. For example, there was a tennis match coming up in a week, and I knew the importance of my match. Planning ahead, I took on extra time to practice each afternoon, preparing for that fateful day. I must have swung over a 1000 balls during that entire week. That day eventually came, and I played my hardest. Yet, through all my efforts, I lost that match. Frustrated and depressed, I go about a few days not interacting with anyone. My friends tried to comfort me, but with no avail. I felt disgusted about myself, never touching another tennis ball. But it is precisely this feeling of un- accomplishment that pushes me to become a better player. Scratch that, a better person. I tell myself, “The opponent probably felt the same pressure going into the match, and
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