FRS ASA 98 Reflective Journal

FRS ASA 98 Reflective Journal - HmmCollege It quickly...

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Hmm…College It quickly became apparent to me that college is much more than 13 th grade. It is more than sitting in your room, doing homework day and night. It is more than hanging out with new friends at the recreation center and pigging out at the dining commons’ all-you-can-eat buffet. We must find balance. We all have our own expectations of college, more or less. But we will never expect the unexpected, and it is this fear of the unknown that poses the question, “Am I doing the right thing?” Nonetheless, we can always overcome those fears with the goals we set. I have gotten this far because of my aspirations, and I will continue to persevere till I achieve it entirely. What do I expect from college? I expect some drama on my floor, especially because most of the students are out-going. The other day, a few of the girls on my floor heard someone whistling annoyingly in the men’s bathroom. They and the room advisor went around checking if all the guys were in their dorm, which we all were. It was concluded that it was some “unexpected visitor,” but everyone believed it was a ghost! All I heard after that was a bunch of laughter from the room across from me. I didn’t really get any sleep that day… On a brighter note, I do believe that I will meet many new friends, some even life-long. In fact, one of my
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This note was uploaded on 03/10/2011 for the course GEOGRAPHY 101 taught by Professor Lee during the Spring '11 term at American River.

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FRS ASA 98 Reflective Journal - HmmCollege It quickly...

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