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Journal #1: Write about your history with The Simpsons More than once a day, I met up with The Simpsons. I sat there, watching, oblivious to the things around me for the next half hour. Heck, I was even oblivious to what I was watching! All I knew was the title of the cartoon, the character’s name, their basic personas, and the low-comedy humor that had me ROFLMAO. But then again, I was six years old. I too had grown up watching The Simpsons , and though I might not have completely understood the underlying meaning, of each episode, the multiple satirical remarks on our society, and various other facets the show conveyed, I still loved it for what it was: entertainment. I still remember when Bart and Homer went into the woods, either for camping or searching for something, and accidently discovered an alien with ginormous eyes, glowing a bit greenish. With the addition of the iconic background music, it felt as if I was watching the X-files . Bart and Homer later figure out that it was actually a nuclear reactive Mr. Burns on meds!
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