FRS The Simpsons Journal #3

FRS The Simpsons Journal #3 - Journal #3: Look back over...

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Journal #3: Look back over the comedy terms sheet. Look up terms that you may not have a good grasp on. Write about these terms in light of The Simpsons. What type(s) of comedy is The Simpsons ? What comedic tools do they use? Within satiric comedy, there is direct satire. Within direct satire there is Horation Satire and Juvenalian Satire. Horation Satire is something like a smartass announcer, who basically finds things to say to piss off others. Of course what he says is funny and true, but we don’t really want to hear it. Juvenalian Satire is the serious announcer, who pisses others off and is seriously asking for it. Indirect satire is presented through The Simpsons characters rather than the announcer himself/herself. Comedy of manners is not really apparent in The Simpsons because there are few in the city of Springfield that is upper-class. Mr. Burns and possible the mayor of Springfield can be considered upper- class, though much of their content is not on the “wit and sparkle of the dialogue.” (Syllabus) Didactic literature is designed to instruct the viewers. This is commonly found in Southpark , where the characters and ideas take a more straight-forward approach. Those that are being ridiculed,
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FRS The Simpsons Journal #3 - Journal #3: Look back over...

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