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Journal 5: Jonathan Gray, in his analysis of The Simpsons , argues that they engage “in a rather high risk strategy[.] To what extent do you find this argument compelling? I believe that The Simpsons is right to address stereotyping as a process rather than a target. First of all, it is not like the show is specifically targeting one belief or ethnicity, it targets any and every. The show stereotype equally and thus should not be reprimanded for this, such as the Australian incident. Regarding Scottish Groundskeeper Willie and Indian Quik E Mart owner Apu, they are the two non-American characters of the show and yet appear frequently. Of course they have certain traits that go with their character, but more important their respected ethnicity. Willie is shown as a typical Scotsman with his bagpipes, his man-skirt (kilt), and accent. As the school’s groundskeeper, he spends most of his time socializing with the children, and because of his status, he fits the role of looking after the kids. He gets the work done and entertains the kids.
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