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FRS The Simpsons Journal #12

FRS The Simpsons Journal #12 - Journal#12 Free-Response...

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Journal #12: Free-Response “Welcome to the YMCA – Now 30% less stink!” A YMCA is a place for young children and the elderly to participate in recreation activities. The working parents do not have time to watch over their children afterschool and such, and thus would send them to a local YMCA, sort of like a day-care center. The same applies to the elderly when they are too old to take care of themselves. In “Children of a Lesser Clod,” the scene opens with the manager speaking to all the parents about the YMCA’s facilities. Stereotypically, YMCA’s are smelly, unfunded, and somewhat unreliable. We see this through examples such as using a peach basket for basketball (for the elderly), misguided classes (proper etiquette class), and how Reiner came by to tell everyone that he is even planning to demolish the center in order to build a wildlife preserve. I also want to note that during the basketball scene with the adults, there were references of the movie Flubber
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