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FRS The Simpsons Journal #15

FRS The Simpsons Journal #15 - Journal#15 Answer an...

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Journal #15: Answer an unanswerable question. Q: In what state does the town of Springfield from The Simpsons reside? I believe that the Simpsons family lives in America. From the episode “Two Bad Neighbors,” it was noted that they live on the street named Evergreen Terrace. I came to find this while watching the episode. The Flanders went to go greet their new neighbor, former President George H.W. Bush. Upon arriving at the gate, the guards check Ned’s driver license. I paused the screen at that moment, hoping to find out more clues as to where Springfield was. To my dismay, the artist(s) drew the thumb of the guard over the name of the state, thus it only read “Springfield, ….”. If I were to answer the question, I believe the town Springfield where all the Simpson characters’ lives would have to be in Nevada. Based on my experience of viewing past episodes, I noticed forests with a small lake within, meadows, a mountain range, a nearby desert, snow during winter, a beach for the summer, a swamp, a harbor, and everything in between. This was the best choice I could think of, based on the surroundings.
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