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Journal #18: What was your experience in writing a mini-script? Firstly, this was probably the first assignment where I had to work with others to write collaboratively (I had a group research in writing class soon after). The script had to be pretty lengthy too; however, it wasn’t as difficult to meet the length requirements since completing the story would have also satisfy the length. My group members were especially cooperative and patient with one another, which helped set up meeting times. Furthermore, no one really felt displeased that they had to spend some of their time to do the assignment, because it meant that we could also interact with each other. Though we all pitched in to create the script, we agreed that there should be one who would write it out (an outline) and another who would type it. A consensus was made fairly quickly through a round of “’NOT IT!’” But in all seriousness, we let the better writer who was also the most experienced of the group with The Simpsons
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