Week 2-1 Communist Revolution (1911-1936) (2)

Week 2-1 Communist Revolution (1911-1936) (2) - Alternative...

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The May Fourth Movement (1919) The Intellectual Enlightenment Movement Calling for a New Society - Nationalism, Anti-Imperialism, Anti-Warlordism, Democracy and Science Western/ Modern Model Accept Reject Chinese/ Traditional Model Accept Self-Strengthening (1860s) Boxers’ Rebellion (1900) Reject 100 Days Reform (1898) Communism (since 1919) Chinese Revolution (1911), May Fourth Movement (1919) Communism (supported by Soviet Union)
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Unformatted text preview: Alternative Nationalist Communism in China Why were the Chinese People Interested in Communism?-Lenins revolution and his adherence to Marxism captured the imagination of many Chinese intellectuals and had a profound effect on Chinas future. Nationalists and Communists Northern Expedition Communist Movement in Urban Areas Guerilla Warfare...
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Week 2-1 Communist Revolution (1911-1936) (2) - Alternative...

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