Week 4-3 The Success of the PRC (3)

Week 4-3 The Success of the PRC (3) - Soviet Union had...

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Different Institutions A. Political Institutions - China’s political authority was more decentralized and less institutionalized - Mao’s mass campaigns blocked the development of institutionalization of bureaucracy and party system. B. Economic Institutions - Compared with that of the USSR, the Chinese command economy was cruder, more decentralized, and more dominated by noneconomic, ideological considerations.
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Different Institutions B. Economic Institutions (continued) 1. Small-scale Firms and Decentralization of Planning Authority In 1978, China had a total of 348,000 industrial firms, 344,000 of which were small (98.9%). In 1979, the Soviet Union had only 40,000 factories Much more concentrated in the USSR. China controlled the production and allocation of fewer than 600 items, while the
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Unformatted text preview: Soviet Union had central control over as many as 5,500 products. 2. Administrative Allocation of Labor, Lifetime Employment, and Unitism • “Iron rice bowl” • Restrictions on rural-urban migration • Work units had full responsibility for the housing, welfare, retirement, and schooling of employees and their families China Soviet Union Party Authority Personalized authority Institutionalized authority Political & Economic Institution Weak & Decentralization Strong & Centralization Planned Economy Primitive & Less Comprehensive Advanced & More Comprehensive Desire for Change in Political Rule Not Strong Strong Reform Speed Gradual & Experimental Fast & Broad...
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Week 4-3 The Success of the PRC (3) - Soviet Union had...

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