Week 6-3 Election (2)

Week 6-3 Election (2) - for popular compliance with state...

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Authoritarianism and Grassroots Democracy Why Does the CCP Promote Village Election? A concern that worsening relations between local officials and farmers might cripple the party’s ability to rule Well-run, semi-competitive elections can improve congruence between local officials and villagers and clean out incompetent, corrupt, and high- handed officials. But, central government believes that holding elections at higher levels is premature. Village self-government is an effort to exchange limited democratic rights
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Unformatted text preview: for popular compliance with state policies. Authoritarianism and Grassroots Democracy The Impact of Village Elections Made local officials more accountable to villagers Produced material benefits for a community Opening village accounts to public inspection and developing the collective economy Helped restructure the relations between villagers committee and village party branches But, unlike in village elections, urban district elections fail to serve as a channel for voicing public opinion...
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Week 6-3 Election (2) - for popular compliance with state...

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