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Week 14-1 Review (2)

Week 14-1 Review (2) - sot era still lament the loss of...

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What changes has China’s market -oriented reform caused in the healthcare system? What are the problems associated with the changes? Do the Chinese people perceive growing income/social welfare gaps as a signal of social injustice? How are public opinions different between rural and urban residents? What is the implication of the difference? Question 4 Changes in Healthcare The Disappearance of Collective Medical Insurances The Commercialization of Health Care Problems Corruption Fake Medicines The Rise of Heath Care Cost Rural-Urban Gaps The Spread of Disease Inadequateness of the Current Insurance System
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Question 4 Disadvantageous groups (rural residents) are in fact significantly less likely than others to express such demands. Many who benefited by their close relations with the state in the
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Unformatted text preview: sot era still lament the loss of their privileged status, while those who suffered from their low status under som may be more tolerant of current inequalities because they have been remain at or near the bottom of the society just as they used to. How serious are China’s environmental problems? What are the costs of pollution? And, what are the causes of environmental damage in China? Question 5 • Environmental Problems (Air, Water, Rain, Desertification, etc.) • Costs of the Pollution Human Health Economic Loss International Tension, Friction, Conflict • Causes of the Pollution Factories Energy Consumption Local Governments Administrative Structure International Factors • Political Difficulty of Pollution Control...
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