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Week 14-1 Review (3)

Week 14-1 Review (3) - Rigid and “hardening” via shocks...

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Can China rise peacefully? Is cooperation possible in East Asia? How do realist, liberalist, and constructivist views explain the implication of a rising China? Question 6 Theory Optimists Pessimists Liberalism Interdependence Institutions Democratization PRC regime Authoritarian US regime A crusading democracy “Interactive Effects” Realism PRC power Limited PRC aims Constrained Security dilemma Muted PRC Power Rising PRC Aims Expanding Security Dilemma Intense Constructivism Identities, strategic cultures, norms Flexible and “softening” via institutional contact Identities, strategic cultures, norms
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Unformatted text preview: Rigid and “hardening” via shocks and crises What is China’s regional strategy and the sources of Chinese influence? What efforts has China made in multilateral, political, economic and security dimensions in order to reassure its neighbor countries? Question 7 • Peaceful Rise – The Focus of Foreign Policy • China’s Reassurance Strategy Diplomatic Aspects New Security Concept Multilateral Relations Economic Aspects “Responsible Power” (The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis) Military Aspects • The Implication of Multilateralism in Foreign Policy...
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