Week 14-1 Review (4)

Week 14-1 Review (4) - why has the CCP made a great deal of...

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Why has the nationalistic sentiment of the Chinese people risen, especially since the mid-1990s? How can we understand the nature of Chinese nationalism? Present the three patterns of Chinese nationalism and explain their characteristics. What are the three aspects of pragmatic nationalism? Questions 8 The Origin of Chinese Nationalism Nativism/ Anti-traditionalism/ Pragmatism Pragmatic Nationalism Instrumentality Three Crises in Belief State-centered and State-led Nationalism or Patriotism Patriotic education campaign Reactiveness
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Ethnic minorities constitute less than 10% of the China’s population. But,
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Unformatted text preview: why has the CCP made a great deal of efforts on the minorities? What strategies has China employed to strengthen national integration in ethnic minority regions? Despite its efforts, why are the regions particularly Xinjiang and Tibet unstable politically? Questions 9 Strategic Motivations and Economic Motivations Two Approaches Assimilation and Pluralism Maos Approach and Dengs Approach (How about todays approach?) Exploitation and Discrimination Video: Inside Story United China? (Al Jazeera, 2009) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwCHfBfF1m4...
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Week 14-1 Review (4) - why has the CCP made a great deal of...

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