BIOL 1010 Lecture #5

BIOL 1010 Lecture #5 - bacteria multiply and become more...

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BIOL 1010 Lecture #5        Professor:  Tamara Kelly   Date:     2010-09-22     Bring clicker for Friday and register it accordingly. Channel 41 for CSE  A. Next quiz: Readings from chapter 3, chapter 2 and chapter 13. Chemoautotrophs use CO2 as their carbon source. They are usually bacteria and  archaeans; not found in eukaryotes.  Photoautotrophs use light as their energy source. Found in some photosynthetic bacteria,  in some proteins and in plants. “-trophy” = nutrition. Slide about modes of nutrition among living organisms should be reviewed. (proteins  needs to be changed to protists). Bacteria and Archaeans are both microbes and prokaryotes while they have some  similarities they are distantly related.  ( Kingdom is switched for domain due to its ambiguity) The resistant variety of bacteria come about due to a bunch of bacteria including a  resistant variety get bathed in antibiotics. Most of the normal bacteria die. The resistant 
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Unformatted text preview: bacteria multiply and become more common. Eventually the entire infection evolves into a resistant strain. Visit . • There are wide spectrum antibiotics which wipe out many types of bacteria. • Viruses are not affected by antibiotics. If an antibiotic is prescribed while having a viral infection you may risk further damage to your organism. • Through artificial selection the width of flowering stalks present in plants can change drastically. This is caused by people choosing the individual with the largest and compact flowering stalks, and breeding them (this is repeated many times). • A fruit fly is a model organism due to its availability and no rules for the treatment of these organisms....
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BIOL 1010 Lecture #5 - bacteria multiply and become more...

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