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Test 2 004 - 20 The continental emst a on the average is...

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Unformatted text preview: 20. The continental emst: a. on the average is similar in composition to granite. b. is thickertltsn the ocean crust. c. is geologically more complex than the ocean crust. will of the above e. none of the above 21. Earthquakes deep below the surface of the Earth occur: a. at induction zones b. only at mid-ocean ridges c. at transform faults (d) at subduction zones 22. Rifts zones on the contincnm are associated with which type of plateboundary: a. conVergent b. strike-slip c. transform @ divergent 23. Geomagnetic reversals recorded in die basaltod‘ the ocean floor: a. confirmed the existence ofsuhduefion zones b. revealed that polar wandering may have occlmed @provided strong evidence for seafloor spreading d. were discovered by Wagner e. none of the above 24.The African Rift Valley and Red Sea are associated with; a. a transform fault boundary (9 the formation ofa new divergent plate baundaly e. a continent-continent convergent plate boundary d. an ocean-continent convergent plate boundary e. an ocean-ocean convergent plate bumdary 25. Cooler, older1 oceanic plates {oceanic lithosphere} sink into the mantle because they: @become dense as the},' cool b. slow down as they move away from their originating ridges e. have more time to absorb seawater :1. become granitic eC&D : 26. Which of the following is not true of Wadati-Benioff Zones: l /J.’I‘hey are part of a sushi franchise. ' b. They are defined (delineated) by cardiqnaltes occurring underneath over- ridding plates at subduction zones. They can be found at ocean-continent convergent plate boundaries. . d. They provided the earliest “real-time“ evidence of plate motion. a it. They provided evidence of the angle at which plates subduct. ...
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