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Quiz 3 - 6 Geomagnetic reversals recorded in the basalt of...

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Unformatted text preview: 6. Geomagnetic reversals recorded in the basalt of the ocean floor: a. Cpnfirrned the existence of subduction zones @Revealed that polar wandering may have occurred e. Were discovered by Wegner . Provided snong evidence for seafloor- spreading e. None of the above 7'. Which of the following is not true of “Fahd-Berries? Zones: filmy are found atpaaaive margins. b. They are defined (delineated) by earthquakes occurring underneath over— ridding plates at subduction crates. c. They can be found at ocean-continent and ocean-ocean convergent plate boundaries. @They provided the earliest “real-time“ evidence of plate motion. 8. At continenh'oontinent convergent plate boundaries: @continental crust isennnpled and defiormed. creating large motnrtnin ranges. h. the oldest confluent forces the youngest down into the mantle. 0. continents are joined tefonn fiat. uniform surfaces. d. fauita are non-existent. e. none of the above 9. Where are you most likely to find volcanoes ejecting intermediate {endesitie} composition magma? a, oeeaniocean subductioneonee b. mid-ocean ridges onfinenflocenn-snbduetihn nodes d. odd-decal! hot apotaJiie thatunderlying Hawaii e. passive continental margins 10. Cooler. older, oceanic plates (oceanic lithosphere) sink into the mantle: a, because they become granitic. b. because they slow down arr-they move away from their originating ridges. c. due to friction. @because they become dense as they cool. ...
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