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Journal 2 - conditions for the people to feel comfortable...

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Evgeniy Bukatin Dr. Lee Templeton ENG 112-03 January 19, 2011 Journal 2 In my understanding, in the text written by Ada Maria Isasi-Dias the main claim is based on the fact that the Hispanic population of the United States is rapidly increasing. The actual minority as it used to be called until recently precipitously becomes a majority despite the fact that some people might not like it. Hispanics are able to handle any challenges offered by life because their willingness to work and surviving capacity are some of the aspects that allow them to adjust to various foreign environments and become successful. To my mind, the writer’s purpose is to make a sort of announcement for the American society and, perhaps, its government that the population of Hispanics in the United States has severely increased during the past years. Accordingly, Hispanics should be treated with a proper respect and dignity. Besides, there have to be taken the appropriate measures within the United States to eliminate racism towards Hispanic population and create all necessary
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Unformatted text preview: conditions for the people to feel comfortable living in the country. I think that the audience of this article is primarily Hispanics and people who are considered immigrants from various Spanish-speaking countries or even any other countries’ immigrants who decided to come to America. Apparently, in order for changes to occur, the author is also willing to affect the U.S. government’s consciousness through the message that an article carries. Isasi-Dias wants the society to be aware of Hispanics’ presence in the U.S. The author is proud of Hispanics to become a significant part of American society despite the fact that it was not easy for people to leave their countries of origin and find themselves in a whole new environment in order to benefit in future. Works Cited Greene, Stuart, and April Lidinsky. From Inquiry to Academic Writing: A Text and Reader . Boston, MA: Bedfordst Martins, 2008. Print....
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Journal 2 - conditions for the people to feel comfortable...

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