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ACC200 Spring 2011 CODE OF CONDUCT FOR CLASS ATTENDEES The creation of a positive classroom learning environment in Nelson 3400 is a shared responsibility between the instructor and students attending each class session. Therefore it is important that both the instructor and student attendees exhibit behaviors that are respectful of all individuals attending class sessions. All attendees should refrain from behaviors that are disruptive to others during class. Disruptive behaviors include (but are not limited to): arriving late or leaving early from class talking to other attendees while a speaker is addressing the class passing personal notes reading a newspaper reading or sending email
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Unformatted text preview: • surfing the internet • playing computer or other games • allowing a cell phone to ring or vibrate • texting or talking on a cell phone • making offensive statements to other attendees • sleeping during class. I have read the above Code of Conduct for ACC200 class attendees and affirm that I will treat all attendees with respect and refrain from exhibiting behaviors that are disrespectful or disruptive to others. I understand not adhering to the principles of this code may result in my removal from the lecture hall and I will receive no credit for that session’s activities. Print Name: Signature: Date: Print Section Number and Class Days: (e.g. 001 T-Th or 002 M-W)...
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