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Faculty Code of Conduct

Faculty Code of Conduct - Faculty Statement Regarding...

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Faculty Statement Regarding Student Honor Code of NC State University The accounting faculty declares that all forms of cheating signify a serious deficiency in a student's professional potential. Therefore the stated intent of the accounting faculty is to condemn any and all instances of student behavior which suggest dishonesty in the academic process. We include verbatim excerpts from those policies as set out in the "NC State Code of Student Conduct" found in The North Carolina State University Student Handbook (see http://www.ncsu.edu/policies/student_services/student_discipline/POL11.35.1.php for a full-text copy). Academic dishonesty is the giving, taking, or presenting of information or material by a student that unethically or fraudulently aids oneself or another on any work which is to be considered in the determination of a grade or the completion of academic requirements or the enhancement of that student's record or academic career.
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