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Unformatted text preview: TOOLS FOR ANALYSIS l——_———_———_——— Liquidity Working capital Current assets — Current liabilities Current assets Current ratio (m Cash provided by operations Current cash debt coverage ratio Average current liabilities Cost of goods sold Average inventory 365 days inventory turnover ratio Inventory turnover ratio Days in inventory Net credit sales Receivables turnover ratio ———.— Average net receivables 365 days Receivables turnover ratio Average collection period Solvency Total liabilities Debt to total assets ratio Total assets Cash debt coverage ratio Cash provided by operations Average total liabilities Times interest earned ratio Net income + Interest expense + Tax expense Interest expense Cash provided by_ Capital _ Cash operations expenditures dividends Free cash flow Profitability Earnings per share WW Average common shares outstanding Price-earnings ratio StOCk price per share Earnings per share Gross profit rate Gross profit Net sales Profit margin ratio Net income Net sales Net income \ Return on assets ratio ——— Average total assets Asset turnover ratio Net sales Average total assets Payout ratio Cash dividends declared on common stock Net income Return on common stockholders’ equity ratio WWW—MM Average common stockholders eqwty ...
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