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1 Corinthians Campbell Kaplan University MT221: Customer Service Martin McDermott 09/21/2010 A customer throws a product on the counter and says, “I want my money back now!” He attacks your personal integrity and you can feel your anger ready to erupt. The customer says, “I’ll never do business with you again!” When a customer is that anger the first thing I would do is remain as calm as possible, not make any facial expression nor any changes in my body language, because if you make the wrong move or look it could cause the situation to escalate even more. I let the customer say what they want to say find out what they dislike about their product they received as well as the service that they may have received will shopping with our company. Then I would ask the customer is there anything that I could do to salvage the situation, make the
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2 customer feel as if I want to and need to solve their problem as well as satisfy them before they leave. If the customer has a solution that would make them happy without compromising my
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mt221unit4_campbell - 1 Corinthians Campbell Kaplan...

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