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1 Corinthians Campbell Kaplan University MT221: Customer Service Martin McDermott 10/12/10
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2 The Impact of Communication Styles on Customer Services” After completing my research I learned that there are many different ways to effectively communicate in the work environment. One form of communication that’s very known and used in the work environment is known as interpersonal communication this form of communication is very important to business as well as companies running smoothly. Interpersonal communication is a process where some expresses their thoughts through either 1. Oral Communication (Speaking face-to-face or on the phone: when using oral communication you want to make sure that you speak clearly as well as cover everything that you want to express. When communicating it’s also very important to have good public speaking skills, this could really help and be handy when holding a staff meeting or a conference. Developing this skill could be a great asset for executives as well as directors the way you present your
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MT221unit5_campbell - 1 Corinthians Campbell Kaplan...

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