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Alan Brinkley, The Unfinished Nation : Study Guide Chapter 24: The New Era 1. “Welfare capitalism” is the practice of businesses providing welfare-like services to employees. Welfare capitalism was centered in high wage industries (not in the industries characterized by low pay, high turnover, child labor, or dangerous working conditions.) Many companies started offering higher pay and non-monetary compensation such as health care, housing, and pensions, as well as employment bureaus, in-house training, sports teams and social clubs. In the United States it was pioneered by George Pullman and Henry Ford, with high wages and subsidized housing. These coincided with state laws of the Progressive Era that outlawed child labor, imposed minimum wages and maximum hours; women received special protections and restrictions. 2. The reasons for the weakness of organized labor were many unions were relatively conservative and failed to adapt to the realties of the modern economy, and the strength of the corporations. 3.
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