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ethical dilemma - Adam S Goit Professor Ellertson February...

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Adam S Goit Professor Ellertson February 8, 2011 The Lord’s University? My parents both served in the military before I was born. They are strong individuals who taught me at a young age to be smart, respectful, and genuine to all mankind. To my parents, there is nothing more important in life than abiding by these personal values. The end of last summer was a particularly hard time in my life, and I have been thoroughly tested by each of these characteristics. My good friend and I were driving down to St. George for a weekend of fun and adventure. We were going to teach his little brother-in-law how to shoot guns and also play with our Airsoft guns. We safely packed the real weapons in the back of the car, and started off on our way. However, I wanted to test my Airsoft gun. I shot the gun out of the car window at a tree on University Avenue. Without thinking through the consequences of that decision, we continued on our way to St. George. We were soon pulled over by the Provo police and searched at gun point. We were arrested and booked into Utah County Jail. The officers realized that the “weapon” was a BB gun; however my buddy told them that I was shooting at a girl on the side of the road. They used his testimony as evidence and we were charged with three misdemeanors and released on bail. That following Sunday I sought out my Bishop and had a lengthy interview with him to determine how my church standing would be affected. He consulted with the Stake President who then informed me that, because there was no felony charged, no church action would be taken against me. This was a huge relief! I called my parents and told them the entire story. I assumed that, because the university is an extension of the Church, there would be no
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further action against me. The following week I was contacted by the Honor Code Office and they requested that I meet with the advisor there. When I met with the advisor he informed me of
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ethical dilemma - Adam S Goit Professor Ellertson February...

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