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TA: Anna Gruzman Section 5 E-mail: [email protected] 2/7/10 1. Describe the difference between tonic and phasic receptors. Give an example of each. - Tonic Receptors: Maintain response to stimulus for the duration of the stimulus o Pressure-sensitive baroreceptors, irritant receptors, tactile receptors, proprioceptors - Phasic Receptors: Rapidly adapting receptors that fire when there is first a stimulus but stop when the strength of the stimulus remains constant- more attune to changes in parameters o Smell, first sitting down ( feel the seat and then you don’t) 2. While taking a tango class your clumsy dance partner steps on your foot. You find that rubbing your toes decreases the pain. Diagram or list the pathway of the painful stimulus and the mechanism by which rubbing decreases the pain. Include the types of fibers that carry the sensory signals. Pain Fibers: - A beta: large, myelinated => mechanical stimuli, touch or non-painful - A gamma: small myelinated => fast pain, cold, mechanical stimuli - C: small, unmyelinated => slow pain o Inhibits interneuron fiber in dorsal horn that normally inhibits the feeling of pain o Pakistani child: deficit in voltage gated sodium channels in dorsal root of pain fibers => feel no pain o Diagram => Fig. 10-2 on page 347 Pain Pathway: Nociceptors → C fiber → excite sensory neuron (+) and inhibit inhibitory interneuron (-) → brain Rubbing Pathway: Touch receptors → Aβ fiber → excite (+) inhibitory interneuron which inhibits the sensory neuron that receives the stimulus from the nociceptive fiber → decreased pain
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Handout 5 Sol - TA: Anna Gruzman Section 5 E-mail:...

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