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Handout 5 - system affect the following Indicate whether it...

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TA: Anna Gruzman Section 5 E-mail: [email protected] 2/7/10 1. Describe the difference between tonic and phasic receptors. Give an example of each. 2. While taking a tango class your clumsy dance partner steps on your foot. You find that rubbing your toes decreases the pain. Diagram or list the pathway of the painful stimulus and the mechanism by which rubbing decreases the pain. Include the types of fibers that carry the sensory signals. 3. Explain why your lips and fingertips are far more sensitive to touch than the back of your leg. What is lateral inhibition? 4. Indicate how the parasympathetic and sympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous
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Unformatted text preview: system affect the following. Indicate whether it increases, decreases, or has no effect. For the sympathetic nervous systems what are the adrenergic receptors involved and what pathways do they follow? Sympathetic Parasympathetic Pupil size Erection of clitoris or penis Heart Rate Glycogen in the liver Lipid Breakdown in adipocytes Sweating Vasoconstriction Bronchiole diameter GI Motility and secretion Sexual orgasm 5. Describe the somatosensory paths of nociception, temperature, course touch, fine touch, proprioception and vibration....
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Handout 5 - system affect the following Indicate whether it...

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