EquationList - total = G K(V m-E K G Na(V m E Na G Ca(V m E...

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Equation List: Ohm’s I=V/R I ion =G ion (V m -E ion ) Fick’s Law of diffusion: Flux = ∆C * area * [(solubility * diffusion coefficient)/(MW*thickness) Nernst: 61 mV/z log [C ion out]/[C ion in] I
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Unformatted text preview: total = G K (V m-E K ) + G Na (V m- E Na )+ G Ca (V m- E Ca )+ G Cl (V m- E Cl ) GHK: V m = 61 mV log * [Na out] PNa +[K out] PK + [Cl in] PCl [Na in]PNa + [K in] PK + [Cl out] PCl...
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