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TA: Clarissa Chan OH: Tues 10-11a Section: Wed 12-12:50p Mandeville Coffee Cart Handout #4 (through 1/31) Basal Ganglia (Figure 9-11) Function: Motor Coordination, pleasure Neurotransmitter: Dopamine o Dopamine receptors are G protein coupled Continued loss of dopamine, as seen in drug addicts, can lead to Schizophrenia and Parkinson’s. o Treatment: administer L-Dopa which is the precursor for Dopamine production inject stem cells that can differentiate into Dopamine producing cells Basal Ganglia are located on both the right and left side of the brain and are connected by the Corpus Collosum o Lesions at the Corpus Callosum result in split brain syndrome where if a subject is shown a picture in their left visual field, they will not be able to vocalize what they see. While the speech control center is controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain, an image from the left visual field is specifically sent to the right hemisphere of the brain for processing. Limbic System (Figure 9-13) Function: Emotional and Olfactory (smell) responses o This is why we associate emotions with smell (pleasant smells make us happy) Includes: o Hippocampus which is associated with learning and memory o Amygdala: fear, music, autonomic responses such as getting the chills when you are scared by something Cerebral Cortex (Figure 9-15)
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Lobes of the cerebral cortex are named after bones in the skull o Frontal lobe behind the frontal lobe of the skull Primary motor cortex responsible for movement, personality, emotions, planning Parietal: o somatosensory cortex: voluntary movement o responsible for sensation Occipital: o Vision Temporal: o Hearing Various Brain Tests
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Handout4TA - TA: Clarissa Chan Section: Wed 12-12:50p...

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