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Handout5 - TA Clarissa Chan Section Wed 12-12:50p Coffee...

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TA: Clarissa Chan OH: Tues 10-11a Section: Wed 12-12:50p Mandeville Coffee Cart Handout #5 (through 2/7) Autonomic System: o Maintains homeostasis o 2 branches: ___________________: rest and digest ________________: fight, flight, fright, f*** (sex). o During sexual responses, both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system are activated together. The parasympathetic system initiates it and the sympathetic system is responsible for the orgasm o 2 neurons are always in autonomic pathways Post ganglionic neurons: synapse with target tissues Pre ganglionic neurons: cell bodies are in the CNS Pre – ganglionic transmitter Post – ganglionic receptor Post – ganglionic transmitter Receptors on target organs Sympathetic Acetylcholine Nor-epinephrine Parasympathetic Acetylcholine Nicotinic cholinergic Parasympathetic Nervous system (rest and digest)
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o Parasympathetic location: brain and the sacral region of the spinal cord. One of the main parasympathetic nerves is the __________________: Its preganglionic fibers are in the _____________ and its postganglionic fibers are via the _____________nerve. o Parasympathetic effects: (Study figure 11-5 It will probably be on the midterm… if you want to do well, you will study it!) Vagus nerve effects: Lungs: bronchial _______________ and an increase in secretion of mucus (in order to expel irritants) stimulates ventilation. Heart: pacemaker cells to ______________ the heart rate by opening K channels. GI tract: increase motility and secretion. Pancreas: increase insulin secretion. Eyes: pupil constriction. Salivary glands: increased saliva. Pelvic organs : ___________________ of urinary bladder, uterus, and rectum. o Genitalia: erection in males, and lubrication and erection in females. Sympathetic Nervous System (fight or flight) o Sympathetic location: preganglionic neurons in the thoracic and lumbar regions of the spinal cord and the brain o Sympathetic effects Pupil: ______________ Salivary glands: inhibits salivation, increased mucus secretion Heart: increases the heart rate and force of contraction Lungs: mainly epinephrine secreted from the adrenal medulla to dilate bronchioles. (Think inhalers for people with asthma or Epi Pens!)
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