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TA: Clarissa Chan OH: Tues 10-11a Section: Wed 12-12:50p Mandeville Coffee Cart Handout #6 (through 2/14) Thyroid Hormone o Made from____________ and _____________ o ______ is the most potent but _______ is more abundant o Lipid soluble, therefore receptors are lipid soluble, making receptors intracellular, and can therefore give rise to changes in gene expression o Pathway: Hypothalamus (_____) Anterior Pituitary (______) Thyroid gland (____________) T3 to systemic metabolic effects Negative feedback: T3,T4 inhibit __________________ o Effects: Increased ________________ Increased _________________ Increased Na/K ATPase activity and ion leaks Increased uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation o Problems with Secretion Primary problem with secretion: Thyroid gland. Symptoms will be a normal amounts of _______________ but no _____________ Secondary problem: Anterior pituitary. No TSH or T4 or T3 will be released. TRH will be present o Goiter: _____________________________ Can result from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism Results in an enlarged Thyroid in hopes of absorbing more iodine. The US has countered this problem by adding Iodine to table salt
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o Hyperthyroidism ________________________________ Graves Disease: autoimmune disease that causes antibodies to stimulate thyroid TSH receptors to over secrete TSH and grow Hypothalamus: ↓TRH because of inhibition from increased T3 and T4 Anterior Pituitary: ↓TSH for the same reason High T3 and T4 Signs: Exophthalamus (bulging eyes), weight loss, increased heat sensitivity.
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Handout6 - TA Clarissa Chan Section Wed 12-12:50p Coffee...

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