Week5key - BIPN 100 TA Earth Hasassri Section Tuesday...

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Section: Tuesday, 8-8:50AM, WLH 2206 O.H.: Thursday, 6-7PM, Espresso Roma Email: [email protected] Week 5 Handout Answer Key 1. A pin pricks you on the skin, under which neurons A, B, and C are located. Neuron B is located exactly where the tip of the pin penetrates, and neurons A and C are right next to it. a. Describe what happens at the primary and secondary sensory neurons. Primary – All three primary sensory neurons are activated, each of which releases neurotransmitters onto its corresponding secondary neuron. Secondary – The secondary neuron closest to the stimulus (neuron B) suppresses the response of the secondary neurons lateral to it where the stimulus is weaker and allows its own pathway to proceed without interference. Contrast is generated between the center and sides, creating a more localized sensation. b. What is this phenomena called? Lateral inhibition 2. What is the difference between tonic receptors and phasic receptors? Give examples of each. Tonic receptors, such as for heat, adapt slowly and respond to stimuli that need to be constantly monitored. Phasic receptors adapt rapidly and stop respondng unless the stimulus changes. An example is smell. 3. A man walks into a bar. Ow. He rubs his head to alleviate the pain. Diagram the mechanism by which rubbing part of your body that received a painful stimulus alleviates the pain. Include receptors, pathways, location of the neurons, and mechanism.
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Week5key - BIPN 100 TA Earth Hasassri Section Tuesday...

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