Week6key - BIPN 100 TA Earth Hasassri Section Tuesday...

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BIPN 100 TA: Earth Hasassri Section: Tuesday, 8-8:50AM, WLH 2206 O.H.: Thursday, 6-7PM, Espresso Roma Email: [email protected] Week 6 Handout 1. List the steps of peptide hormone synthesis, loading inside vesicles, and insertion into the membrane or release to its target. 1. mRNA makes preprohormone 2. Signal sequence on preprohormone directs it to ER lumen 3. Signal sequence is cleaved off prohormone transported to Golgi complex by a transport vesicle 4. Prohormone packed secretory vesicles with enzymes active hormone 5. Exocytosis hormone target 2. How is Vitamin D involved in hormones? Indicate the steps where Vitamin D leads to its hormone’s target function. Sunlight, Food Vitamin D Liver Kidneys Calcitriol bone, kidney, intestine increase calcium concentration in plasma bone formation, vesicle release, etc. Parathyroid hormone stimulates kidney, bone, and intestine activity to increase calcium concentration. An increase in calcium concentration in the plasma inhibits the parathyroid glands. 3. A person comes into the doctor’s office and claims to have lost her lateral field of vision. a. This is the first sign of a tumor in which brain region, as said in lecture? Pituitary gland b. The doctor then looks at the brain scans of the patient and sees the tumor compressing which region involved in vision? Optic Chiasm c. What is one disease that results from abnormal secretion of growth hormone due to this benign tumor? Acromegaly 4. Indicate in the space provided the symptoms and/or treatment of each condition. a.
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Week6key - BIPN 100 TA Earth Hasassri Section Tuesday...

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