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*Things to clear up from Today’s Section (1 -18-2011)* So, for Calculating Eion for Cl-, the constant value becomes -61mV, So the equation will be E Cl- =+61mV x log ([in]/[out]) or E Cl- = -61mV x log ([out]/[in]) And, from the week 2 notes: I guess I went over too fast on t he notes….and little confusion on the membrane/longitudinal conductance. So here is the answer for that section:
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Unformatted text preview: Longitudinal conductance: Resistance decreases as diameter increases (small axons have higher resistance and vice versa) Membrane conductance: Leaky membrane causes increased conductance (so the conductance is inverse of resistance. Leaky membrane has lower resistance which means higher conductance) And there is typo on the week 2 note: Cibotulinum (x) -> C.Botulinum (o) Best!!...
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