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HyeRi- midterm2practice - Midterm 2 practice questions 1...

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Midterm 2 practice questions 1. How are pain and touch information separated in the spinal cord? Where do these kinds of sensory information intersect with motor pathways? 2. How could spinal cord damage lead to loss of somatosensory perception, but leave muscle strength unimpaired? 3. Human growth hormone (HGH) is produced in the adenohyophysis and released under the influence of two hypothalamic hormones: GHRH and somatostatin (growth hormone inhibiting hormone). HGH affects metabolism in most cells of the body; it increases carbohydrate metabolism and stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins from amino acids. Propose a scheme for the control of HGH levels in the body, including a diagram showing the control loop or loops 4. You are working and your boss tells you that you and another co-worker need to move boxes. You and your co-worker try to carry stacks of boxes to finish the task as soon as possible. A. As boxes are added to the load you carry, your biceps muscles contract more. What receptor and which motor pathway cause the increased contraction? B. Your co-worker adds boxes too many and you drop the load. What happened? 5. Following are the detail mechanisms contributing to a skeletal muscle twitch. Number them in sequence _____When ATP is split into ADP and Pi, the energy liberated is used to return the head of the myosin molecule to its original (high-energy) angle with the myosin rod, where it forms a weak bond with the actin filament. _____ Ventral horn motor neuron depolarizes due to the flow of cations through protein channels opened by an excitatory neurotransmitter (which is likely to be glutamate). _____ The increase in intracellular Ca++ in the presynaptic terminal causes synaptic vesicles to fuse with the plasma membrane, liberating ACh into the synaptic cleft. _____ The nAChRs that bind ACh open these ligand-gated channels, permitting Na+ and K+ to flow, which causes Vm to shift toward the reversal potential for these currents. _____ The action potential propagates down the axon.
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HyeRi- midterm2practice - Midterm 2 practice questions 1...

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