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Week 3 note I. 2 Major types of postsynaptic receptors a. Ionotropic -receptor themselves are the ion channel b. Metabotropic -acts through 2 nd messenger system i. ____________ coupled receptors 1. Off state : G protein has Gα, Gβ, and Gγ sections. Gα section is bound to GDP. 2. On state : Ligand binds conformational change GDP exchanges with ______ now activated alter enzyme activity which turns on 2 nd messengers usually activating protein kinases 3. Termination : intrinsic GTPase activity- hydrolyze GTP to GDP. Slow. a. What would happen if you inhibit GTPase? i. __________________________________________ __________________________________________ ii. Main 2 nd Messengers 1. cAMP (Cyclic AMP)-activates protein kinases 2. Ca2+- alters enzyme activity 3. PIP2 makes 2 messengers a. IP3 -increases intracellular Ca by opening Ca Channels b. DAG -activates protein kinases II. Ligands involved in cell’s long-distance communication a. Neurocrines -Electrical signal travels down neuron, and is translated to a chemical signal. i. Neurotransmitters -chemicals secreted by neurons and go to target cell ii. Neuromodulators -acts more slowly as an autocrine or paracrine signal
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HyeRi- week3note - Week 3 note I 2 Major types of...

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