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Jen Nguyen Section Notes – Skeletal vs Smooth Muscle Study Guide SMOOTH MUSCLE – non-voluntary muscles Skeletal Muscle Smooth Muscle Fiber Size -diameter: 10-80 m μ -length: 100% of muscle -diameter: 2-5 m μ -length: 50-100 m μ Structu re -striated -shortens about 25-30% of total muscle length -actin:myosin ratio = 2-4:1 -non-striated (no sarcomeres) -random filament interaction allows for shortening of up to 50-70% -actin:myosin ratio = 10-15:1 Muscle Action Potential (MAP) -depolarization due to Na+ influx -fast, spiky -neurogenic -depolarization due to Ca2+ influx -Ca2+ plateau (depol lasts longer) -myogenic MAP Spread - sarcolemma and t-tubules (quick stimulation of entire muscle) -gap junctions between cells (cells act as a single unit) Ca2+ Delivery - SR RyR opened by DHP and depol. -Ca2+ quickly dumped in and pumped out of cytosol -SR is hormone sensitive -Ca2+ enters cell via diffusion -pumped out of cytosol slower Contraction -fast actin/myosin interaction -high ATP use -fast increase in tension
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StudyGuide_skeletalVSsmooth - Jen Nguyen

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