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Emilia Skupiewska-Drozd Journal assessments Semester assessment. This is to summarize the semester and asses the goal achievements. The beginning of the semester I set up the following goals to be attained: - Pass the CPA test - Improve English - Achieve the better grades. To summarize the past 3 month I came up with following assessment: 1. CPA goal has not been achieved yet. I’m still working on it. In reference to this goal I set up the date for CPA date for February 2011. I read the whole book and studied the all material I could obtain. 2. In reference to better English skills, I improved my read a lot of newspaper and watched TV, which lead me to better English. People around me recognized it and gave me a big credit for it. I can state that over the period of Three month my English improved a lot. Now I can better speak and communicate with people. 3. In accordance with achieving better grades I attend the school and studied a large number of hours, which should reflect my better grades. The Semester is not over yet and I cannot state if I peruse this goal, but I did all my best to attain this aim Monthly assessments Week 1 – The first week, just set up goals and was trying to get idea how to achieve those goals. Week 2 – The second week after I set up my semester goals. I worked hard to achieve them. Every day I tried to study even few minutes for CPA test, read newspaper and listen the news to improve English skills and do my homework and study to get the best grade as possible. Week 3 – The third week past by. I can tell that working on my goals really get effects. From my auditing class I get A’s for my homework. In reference to my English skills, I
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Emilia Skupiewska -journal - Emilia Skupiewska-Drozd...

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