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A ___ system spreads out the monthly statements to customers over the entire month Cycle Billing A ____ is created to guide and oversee systems development and acquisition Steering Committee A barrage of messages are sent from randomly generated false addresses to overload an ISP's e-mail server Denial of Service Attack A disbursement voucher contains When good are requisitioned, ordered, received by the purchaser, when the are billed (All of the above are correct) A general journal is used to record infrequent or non-routine transactions A potential adverse occurrence Threat A review of cash receipts and related accounting entries reveal discrepancies. It was found that figures had been entered correctly and then subsequently changed, with the difference diverted to a fictitious customer account data diddling A serious exposure for an organization that is connected with the revenue cycle is the loss of assets. What is the related threat and applicable control procedure associated with this exposure? Theft of cash, segregation of duties and minimization of cash handling A special purpose hardware device or software on a general purpose computer which filters information that is allowed to enter and leave the organizations information system Firewall A surprise count of petty cash by the auditor should find the total of ___ equal to the amount authorized for the fund cash and petty cash voucher A system where the bank electronically notifies a computer about customers' remittances received through the postal system Electronic Lockbox A taped used to store backed up data was lost. Which is most likely to relieve her concerns? tape was encrypted and password protected A text file created by a website to store on a visitor's hard disk a cookie A Type of Threat to and AIS Natural and Political Disasters A voucher package should include a purchase order, vendor invoice, and receiving report A/R System matches specific invoices and payment for customers is Open Invoice Acceptable amount of time between back-ups Recovery Point Objective Acceptable down time following a disaster by which the organization's information must be available again Recovery Time Objective Adequate Controls A/P should reconcile P.O., Receiving Reports, and Invoices Adequate Controls2 A/P should reconcile P.O. and Receiving Reports After picking items, Las encloses a ______ in the box when the order is complete packing slip All transaction cycles feed information directly into GLARS An auditor examines all documents related to the acquisition, repair history and disposal of a firm's delivery van Vouching An auditor examines documents related to the acquisition and disposal of a firm's delivery van and manually calculated accumulated depreciation for comparison with accounting records Reperformance An auditor examining a firm's AIS creates a fictitious customer in the system and then creates several fictitious sales to the customer Integrated Test Facility
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New Microsoft Word Document (3) - A _ system spreads out...

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